Working with the GSU Eagle Print Shop

This week, my PRCA 3339 (PR Publications) classes took a field trip to the Eagle Print Shop on the Georgia Southern University campus. Our goal was to learn how students in the PR program could work most effectively with the print shop, especially for their PR Pubs class and their PR Campaigns class. Here are a few of the tips shared by Eagle Print Shop Manager Brenda Aytes:

In General

  • Allow enough lead time for the work to get done. For the PR Pubs newsletter, a day’s notice is appreciated. For the PR Campaigns book, two days are much better.
  • Know what you want the output to look like before you go to the Eagle Print Shop. For example, for the PR Pubs newsletter, you’ll want to tell them you need “80-lb. glossy paper, 11×17, printed duplex in color.”
  • Design your document so it will cost you less. For example, rather than creating one small handbill and centering it in the middle of a page, put four copies of the handbill on one 8.5×11 page. Then the print shop can cut your document into fours.
  • If using the Georgia Southern logo, be sure to use the correct logo and be sure you have permission to use it. See the GSU Identity Standards for guidelines. (Note: Only the Athletic Department can use certain logos.)
  • Have your flash drive or CD prepared. Create one folder with all the necessary files in it for this specific print job.
  • If printing something from InDesign, it’s best to export the file as a PDF and print the PDF. This will ensure that the file looks the way you intended to when it prints (fonts, layout, etc.). Also have the original InDesign file with you, just in case you notice something that needs to be changed at the last minute. You can’t easily edit a PDF.
  • The Eagle Print Shop has InDesign CS2 (the version we have in the Veazey Hall computer labs). If you’ve downloaded the newest trial version of InDesign from Adobe’s website, it will be InDesign CS3 – and the print shop will be unable to work with your file, unless you export the file as InDesign Interchange first.
  • The Eagle Print Shop will give you a price quote after you answer a series of questions detailing exactly what you want. They cannot give you a complete printed price list, however.

For PR Campaigns Books

  • To save you money and time, when preparing your PR Campaigns book files, make two (no more, no less) files: one for all your color pages and one for all your black/white pages. If you have multiple PDF files, combine them into one file by using Adobe Acrobat Professional’s Insert Pages feature. (Note: The Insert Pages feature is not available in the free Acrobat Reader; it’s only in the Professional version, which is in most of the labs on campus.)
  • If you want tabs or dividers in your books, you’ll need to purchase them elsewhere and bring them in. Be sure that the dividers have square, not rounded, corners – or they cannot be bound into your books.

For more tips on Adobe InDesign, see my social bookmarks at http://del.icio.us/listeningmatters/InDesign




1 Response to “Working with the GSU Eagle Print Shop”

  1. 1 Megan Johnson
    April 16, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    those were all the basics I learned 🙂

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